Identity Theft

In today’s social media-laden society, where everyone is constantly hopping on the hottest trend, the power of assimilation has become more and more apparent. Those who copy, paste, and repeat are rewarded with likes, clout, and so much more. Influencership has become one big game of simon says, but if everyone is following the leader, is anyone really themselves?

Our desire to be popular, along with the pursuit of praise from the masses, has come with a cost that many didn’t expect: our identity. Identity theft is a bit of a misnomer in this situation. Our identities aren’t being stolen, we are willingly throwing them away. You are your most valuable asset! If TikTok choreography brings you joy, pursue it passionately, but if not… is it worth it? 

It is perfectly normal to desire to be liked and included, but be certain that people are falling in love with the real you and not with an image you’re putting forward. People deserve to get to know you, and you deserve to enjoy being yourself. You are the only you that will ever exist; don’t devalue yourself, and don’t rob the world of getting to know you. Don’t be an identity thief.