Curate Your Space

It’s commonly accepted that our surroundings affect our moods, productivity, and by association, our mental well-being. However, it seems that many people still take a haphazard approach to the way they arrange their homes, offices, and places of recreation. Not everyone has a designer's eye, but most people can discern what items resonate with them. 

It is nice to have things surrounding you that are aesthetically pleasing, but appearances aren’t everything. Today’s theme, “curate your space,” encourages people to be selective about the items they include in their spaces and be intentional about what they keep and discard. Marie Kondo made headlines worldwide with her trademarked slogan and approach to home organization. We all learned a lot about purging from Marie’s eponymous Netflix show, but what about acquisition? 

When you’re developing a new space or rearranging an existing one, approach it with the same level of thought that museums place in pairing and selecting historical pieces and art. Let your knowledge of the space, the artifacts, and your intuition guide you as you craft an area with genuine and intentional feeling and purpose. Functionality and feeling don’t have to conflict with one another. Finding the perfect balance between these two things can yield positive results across a multitude of categories. 

Finally, like most everything else we discuss, remember that this is subjective! You get to make your own decision about what is pretty and what’s not. Be minimalistic or hedonistic or any other “ism” you desire. The mantra of this message is “genuine intention,” if you internalize it, you’ll see the external transformation.