Weight a Minute!

After spending a little over a year cooped up because of a global pandemic many of us have experienced changes in our workout routines and physical appearance. Whether you are one of those self-starters who used quarantine as an opportunity to get a head start on your summer body, or if you took a page out of my book and decided to take some time off and relax a little bit, your choice has value. Weight gain and loss during quarantine has been a big topic of discussion and for obvious reasons; in a world where everyone’s health is threatened, we are obsessed with health, and weight is one of the first indicators that we turn to. 

Weight, although it can give us an idea of what health range someone falls into, is by no means the supreme overlord of indicators. People frequently turn to the number on the scale as a measure of self-value, and that is extremely problematic. The language that we use surrounding this topic has put a stranglehold on many aspects of progress in the way we think about weight. When we say things like the “freshman fifteen”, or the “quarantine ten” we inadvertently reduce the value of ourselves and others to a misleading measurement. These sayings, although catchy, don’t acknowledge the circumstances that lead to weight gain; being sedentary, consuming too much out of boredom, and mental health factors. 

So, what is the solution as we approach summer and everyone wants to be a “hot girl” [or guy, and everything in between]? 

  1. Start by respecting the body that you’re in, it is capable of amazing things.
  2.  If you want to be more fit, focus on how your body feels and performs.
  3. Weight a minute before stepping on the scale!