K.I.S.S. Me I’m Fit

Around two-thirds of people, if not more, have some sort of fitness-related goal. We hear about them all the time from friends, family, and complete strangers; “I really wanna lose weight, I want to be more consistent with my workouts, I want to bulk up”. These are just some of the phrases that pop up as we go through our daily routines. One of the major obstacles that we see with fitness and getting into shape is how people approach the process. Some people build “fitness” until it's unattainable, and others come charging out of the gate. Enthusiasm is great and will be one of the critical factors in helping you achieve your fitness goals, but when you’re first getting started, keep in mind that it is a process. 

A valuable tool to keep in mind is the acronym K.I.S.S. which stands for “keep it simple stupid.” I’m borrowing this acronym from my high school rhetoric class. My teacher loved to use it to remind us that sometimes the direct and simple approach is the best. It really is a perfect reminder that sometimes less is more. When we apply this principle to our fitness journeys, especially those of us just getting started, it tells us to (quite literally) walk before we run. Be gradual in your development, don’t go out and buy a ton of new exercise equipment and attire, and don’t begin with a highly restrictive diet. Allow yourself to have an adjustment period and build from that. 

Setting attainable goals for yourself is a great way to build your confidence and get comfortable with the idea of fitness. As your confidence grows, you can begin to tackle larger goals and more complex routines. Remember that your fitness journey is a personal one and should be based on your expectations. Until you’re ready, remember, K.I.S.S.