Fighting Strong

With the resurgence of boxing in popular culture, with what seems to be a celebrity match up every week, we decided to investigate what goes into a good boxing program and what makes a great boxer. Here’s what we found. 

Boxing incorporates many elements of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. There’s an emphasis on speed and standing that are developed through activities like jumping rope and running. This combined with practical applications, like utilizing punching bags of varying weights and sparring, has exceptional results for the physical strength and form of boxers. 

For a sport where most people emphasize brawn, there’s an impressive degree of mental toughness that is incorporated into training and development for professional fighters. Concepts like discipline, humility, and perseverance are more than mentioned in passing, they are fundamental practices and tenants for these athletes. 

Getting into fighting shape is more than bulking up or meeting weight, it is early mornings and late nights, it is getting back up when you’re knocked down, and most importantly it’s walking into whatever situation you face with a personal drive and  indomitable spirit.