Success & Sacrifice

We’ve all heard the expression that “dreams don’t work unless you do”. It means more than just showing up for work. It means taking on the responsibility, discipline, and sacrifice that is necessary to springboard yourself to your next level. 

That word  sacrifice is one that carries a lot of meaning and quite frankly... baggage. We’re all used to paying a cost, but sacrificing is different from purchasing. When you make an exchange of goods you hand over your money with knowledge that you will receive a product in return. When you make a sacrifice you’re not always sure if it will work out or if you will get what you were hoping for. This insecurity and uncertainty is what limits most people to their comfort zones. When we’re worried about losing something that is valuable to us we avoid risk and oftentimes stunt our own growth. 

Fear is a necessary part of human function, it exists for a reason, but if you want to change your life or the world around you it’s also necessary to be vulnerable. Take a leap of faith. Sometimes you will fall and things won’t work out the way you planned for them to. That might mean you have to take a step back, reevaluate, and reschedule your plan so that you can achieve your goals and sustain your success. It is difficult, especially in the age of instant gratification to acquiesce to setbacks. But remember, setbacks are just setbacks, they are not dead ends. Your journey doesn’t stop because someone puts a roadblock in your way, you find a way around it and keep moving forward.

Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do in order to achieve our goals and get to where we want to be: we have to work long shifts, we have to pass on time spent with family and friends, we have to save instead of spend, we have to remain calm when sometimes we just want to scream. We’re in a world where we are constantly giving up something to gain something and that can be infuriating. It doesn’t help that through mass media  we’re inundated with the message that we can have it all. Listen to me when I say, you can have a lot, but you can’t have it all at the same time. What are you willing to sacrifice to obtain success?