That's A Rap

Nate Devera is making waves in rap culture. Far more than a lyrical craftsman Nate is bringing a new image to a culture inundated with visuals of excess and debauchery. His compositions include elements of the undeniable [flaws] of human nature, but he doesn’t skirt around these issues. He attacks them head on and challenges our perception of what it means to be impactful in a modern world. 

A certified genius, rocket scientist, and might we add stunning guy like Nate could have chosen from countless forms of self expression. So why did he choose music? Other than the obvious talent that he has for assembling tracks that resonate with listeners of various backgrounds, he confessed to us that music has played a key role in his life. It has sustained him through long nights in the library cramming for engineering exams, it has comforted him through rocky relationships, and now it has freed him. 

The music he produces has a definitive focus on pushing positive vibes out into the world. He is remarkably vocal and vulnerable as he addresses affairs of the heart, mind, and soul. In a world where countless people look for a reason to tear others down he has made himself an easy target for trolls. However,  we’re convinced that if anyone can rise above the rioters and shine a new light in this world it’s Nate.

Editor's note:

Nate is making his debut as a hip hop / rap artist by opening for Dax at the Roxy Theatre in Denver, CO, on Saturday, October 9th 2021. An experienced performer, Nate has wowed audiences throughout his life, whether in his musical theatre, college a cappella, or other musical endeavors, but this show marks the beginning of his professional music career - the first of many shows to come during his life / career”