Poetry for the Heartbroken, an Anthology

Since its conception writing has been used for various purposes by many people across a multitude of cultures and from all walks of life. More than a means of documentation, writing in itself became an art form both aesthetically and lyrically. Poetry has always played a major role in history, particularly in the lives of those who have adopted it as a way of channeling emotions and thoughts constructively. Love and heartache are two of the most common themes of poetry. The three poems you are about to read are metaphorical in some elements, and literal in others, but most importantly they are raw, and they are real.
1. This One, Just One

He said in another life I could be his wife, 

And all I could think was this one…just one


Just one life to live and just one love to give

This one…just one

Here we are given a chance to dance and break

The chin of a star crossed history

It’s a mystery,

Or is it just me

Can you show me,

in another life you’ll know me

This one.. Just one

Here and now is our time to shine 

and cross the line

In another life there could be pain and strife

And where will we be? 

Opposite ends of a sea. 

Too great to swim and I know it sounds grim but

This one… just one

If there's a question let’s answer it 

Because I can’t forget 

That.. this one.. just one 

Might be the last. 


2. The Art of Crying

I learned the art of crying 

As I lay there dying 

Feeling myself

Killing myself 

For people like you

I never knew what to do 

To make someone love me 

So I put them above me 

I made myself small 

So you could stand tall

I let myself go 

And I let myself fall

I couldn’t see the point 

In fighting at all 

When there is so much sham 

And there is no one to blame 

I never felt so alone 

As when I lost everything I owned 

I never felt so alone 

As when I didn’t have home 

I never felt so alone 

As on that dark night 

When I didn’t put up a fight 

And I let them 

Take me 

Break me 

Shake me 

Shape me 

And make me

Into something I was not

And I nearly forgot… who I am


3. One of a Number

I thought you were one in a million, but you’d rather be one of a number. 

Emotions rising and roaring like thunder, shaking the frame of my being


 Preventing me from seeing anything but black, 

a cold dark lack of everything that I had hoped you would be 


You choose you, and I choose me, cry freedom freedom but never be free 

Of the disappointment, disenchantment, and disillusionment at hand 


Guess I’m primitive, in the shadow of man, incapable of knowing, growing, showing and yet resolutely glowing 


This is a step on the path, a bar on the ladder, hopes rising as dreams shatter 

And disaster batters the frail hell on which I’ve been consisting and insisting that 

I am someone

But who I’ve become I don’t recognize, in god's eyes and prized minds and hindsights 

I cannot hide the broken mess inside as you run me over and then back up 

Swerving and merging and unnerving as a mad truck you said… f*ck

F*ck you and f*ck me and everything that spring brings

The light, the warmth, the growth earth, worlds set alight and blooms fading to ash 

As I ask would it have been wiser to let time pass and just ride out the storm 


If you’ve made it this far you’re probably wondering why we chose to share those three poems with you. Why not share something happier and uplifting? As a part of personal development we’ve learned that being strong doesn’t mean being invulnerable or having no weaknesses, it’s the ability to recognize them, and live authentically in spite of them. We shared these particular poems because, if you haven’t figured it out, life isn’t always easy. However, we can tell you from experience that it gets better.